Editing Images

“By the 2000s the floodgates started to open wide, especially with the spread of cheaper internet connections” (Coleman, 109). At this time everyone started using the internet in masses. Coleman wrote that blogs, wikis, and social networking sites were being built at this time and were becoming increasingly popular. Therefore more and more people were having access to image editing tools such as Photoshop and eventually many more.

In our generation everyone edits images through various social media applications. Whether it’s changing the filters in a Snapchat picture, or changing the lighting of an Instagram picture, editing an images are a constant daily occurrence. Before posting a photo on Instagram, people first check the picture to see if it looks good to post so all of their followers can see it. Then, users check their filters to try to add a nice little touch to their picture. They do this by changing the brightness of the picture. They may also add a caption on their image. The same goes for Snapchat too.

I have edited images using Snapchat and Instagram, but other than that the last time that I edited images was my junior year of high school when I took a class called Digital Imaging. The first thing we learned in that class was how to use Adobe Photoshop. And, the first project that the teacher assigned to us was to put a picture of our self with images of our favorite things coming out of our heads. It was just a basic project to teach us how to edit the images that we chose and how to format it on the page. We also had to learn how to create a background for our project through Photoshop. However, all of that was 5 years ago, so now I don’t even remember how to use Photoshop at all and I haven’t really edited an image to that extent since.