Pump-Up Beats

My experience producing my podcast was actually pretty difficult, considering I’ve never used GarageBand before. I had no previous experience with audio editing so that made it extremely tough. I found myself learning for an hour how to at least use GarageBand because I had used it before. However, after a while of learning how to use it, it actually got a lot easier and I became a little more comfortable with using GarageBand.

On RedLetterMedia.com I watched the Ghostbusters review video. I first noticed all of the background sounds in the video, before the reviewers even spoke. The camera angles were pretty simple because it kept showing the three guys who reviewed the film talking, or the camera panned to one of the guys. The camera angle was straight for the most part and it wasn’t shifting really. I like how they showed different movie reviews that popped into the screen. They zoomed in on the movie reviews by using different kind of effects. There were also different scenes from other movies that they showed in this review and there was a nice transition of different audio sounds. The guys doing the movie review, most likely have small microphones attached to their shirts to make their voices heard loudly. Then, the audio team probably is going to take what they say and increase the volume more. There are also parts of the review, where they are showing a video of Ghostbusters with no sound, while the reviewers are talking over the clip.

I never knew how much audio and editing is involved in all of the shows and entertainment that we watch. A simple movie review, like the Ghostbusters one really showed many different areas of audio and editing that I would have never realized if I wasn’t paying attention to it. It’s easy to forget about zooming effects, microphones, camera angles when watching shows.


Audio Editing

Although I barely have any previous knowledge about using audio editing, it is very beneficial to knowing how to use audio editing programs such as GarageBand and Audacity in the workforce. Since I am a DCIM minor, it is important for me to utilize my skills in audio editing especially when it comes time for me to try to look for a job in the field of communications or really in any industry. This is an important skill to know because nowadays, everything is being done digitally and online. It is extremely important to know how to use these applications. I don’t expect my future job to entail a whole lot of audio editing, however with everything being digital now its important to at least learn it in case I may need it.

The last time that I briefly used GarageBand was my sophomore year of high school when I took a TV Productions class. The TV Productions class was a basic overview of how a TV studio is run and also about all of the different facets that going into making a tv show. In addition, we briefly learned how to connect sound to edit our sounds and include new sounds to the videos that we made in the class.

Both Audacity and GarageBand are great tools to make audio. It is easy to do and you can do it from your house. Users don’t need some elaborate and expensive audio set up or to go to a fancy studio. Instead they can just do it online and play around with it. I can see why many people do it as a hobby because its fun and easy to use. People can play around with it however they want and it gives them an opportunity to create their own sounds.