Creative Direction

My group is still finalizing the creative direction that we will take in this project. However, I think we have a general idea about the direction that we want to go in. We are leaning towards the Virtual Reality Mock Interviews theme because this is such an important topic that relates to all students who are trying to get a job or internship. In order to obtain any job, a person must go through an interview. The interview is one of the first steps for an employer to actually get to know who you are and that is where you can learn more about the company.

The concept of the Virtual Reality Mock Interviews that Rutgers Career Services provides is to help students practice answering sample interview questions, virtually. Students will get the chance to practice going on interviews virtually and the service will provide feedback and students will also have the chance to learn by watching themselves of what was recorded.

As a group we are still deciding on how we should go about making this video, but we think it may be a good idea to record someone actually using this virtual mock interview and showing the steps to how they can do this. We want to show people how simple and easy this actually is to do. Also, we talked about filming our footage from both an iPhone and maybe even a laptop to get different camera angles. My group will talk more about the creative direction once we finish our storyboard and it will help to get more ideas.


Top 5 Midterm Blogs


Right after visiting this blog, the collage of all of the late night shows immediately drew me in. I am a big fan of late night talk shows and I watch a lot of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, so this appealed to me greatly. I really thought this was an incredibly unique idea for a blog. The trailer for this that he created was very entertaining as well and I got a few laughs out of it. The gifs are funny as well. This is a great blog to go to for recaps on the different Late Night shows.


This blog has a great a header and title page. Again the header really drew my attention and made me want to keep exploring this page. She talked about the concerts that she has been to and gave a review on them, discussing what she liked and what she didn’t like. Also, the video was really cool and interesting to watch. I learned a lot about the different bands and what to expect at those concerts and about what makes each of these bands different.


I liked this blog because it was very useful to me, especially since I just created a LinkedIn page and will be applying to jobs soon. The video was very easy to follow and it really taught me a lot about how to use LinkedIn and also how to make my profile better. This was very helpful to me. Also, I liked how she incorporated a professional Instagram that she manages in her profile and talks about new media.


As someone who watches a ton of television, I found this blog to be very useful to me. The header captured my attention, and this blog was very easy to navigate. I actually haven’t seen any of the shows that she mentioned in the blog, however after reading her descriptions on some of the shows, I may just have to tune into it. I liked how she mentioned a show followed it by telling viewers the season and putting a picture below it, followed by a brief description about that episode.


This blog was very insightful about some places to travel. Travel blogs are always helpful and what I liked the most was that she gave different tips for each of the places about where to go and what to eat. The video was also really cool and it really made me want to go travel right now it looked like so much fun. The video was also edited really well and it was cool to see some of your own personal clips on it.

Midterm Project Analysis

My experience with the midterm project was overall pretty good. I liked how we were able to pick a topic that is of great interest to us. That made it more enjoyable to work on this project. I chose to do my blog on the Giants. I am a huge Giants football fan and I am very passionate about the team, so it made working on this blog fun. I also chose this topic because I felt that this could help me for a future professional career. My hope one day is to ultimately work for a professional sports team in the communications department. The blog overall was easier to create a second time around because we learned how to do it previously. The video editing was a little more difficult and it was more time consuming, but it was also a little easier to do because I had done that before. Originally, I had a lot of Giants clips and a lot of players in my video, but I had to cut a lot of it out for it to fit between the time limit. I really take great pride in my header. I like the way that came out and I was able to display my creative side my creating a header in Pixlr. I feel that people can really go to my blog to get updates on the Giants.

Personally, I am a big fan of group projects. It allows for more creativity and brainstorming to come up with the best idea. Group projects involve a lot of collaboration, which is essential. The Google Docs that we have will help with collaboration. In the Social Media Reader, Hyde says that many people will have all different kinds of skills in a group. He suggests that one person may be able to add something a little differently than the next person because they have different skills. Although, I am a big fan of group projects sometimes it can go bad. In one of my Special Topics for Human Resource Management class last year, there was a member of my group who did not do his fair share of the project. He did not contribute or show up to any of the group meetings and didn’t write his designated section for the group project. When it came to the final presentation, he did not even show up and we had to prepare to give the presentation without him. As a result, each person in my group ended up doing way more work than we should have all because this one group member didn’t contribute at all.


E-portfolio Editing using iMovie

This project was way harder than I thought. It turned into a disaster and it took forever for me to do. I had trouble learning how to use iMovie and I actually found this project to be more difficult than the GarageBand one. It was hard to edit my screencast because I didn’t want to cut out what I was saying. Adding the titles and credits was easy and I was able to zoom in and out pretty smoothly as well. But overall, I found this project to be quite difficult especially since I had no prior background experience using iMovie and Screencast-O-Matic.

Video games can convey meaning in many ways. I think video games can be a form artistic expression. They are very creative and people who are making them often times use there imagination and create new ways where the users will have fun playing them. Video games are all about trying to engage the user to have fun and enjoy playing these games. Also, many of these video games today seem so real and it feels like you’re actually experiencing the game live. For example, in Call of Duty the background makes it seem like you’re actually on the battleground. Another example, is that in other video games people can create a person to what they hope to be and they can also feel as if they were part of a team. I play the NBA2K games a lot and often times I will create my own player and make him look like me and also make him really good. I will then form my own team and play games. This gives me a form of self-expression where I can create anything that I want. This gives me a fun experience to have fun with the game.