Gathering Material

My group could use this Clipart photo in our presentation because our video is on the topic of Virtual Reality Mock Interviews. I couldn’t find any Clipart pictures showing a person using virtual reality in mock interviews, however this photo shows a woman who is dressed professionally and who is ready for her interview. She has her laptop with her and it looks as if she may be getting ready for a virtual mock interview. This is an example of how we want students to approach it when using the virtual mock reality interview program. They need to look professional when they are their interview.

I found this song from Soundcloud that I thought can also go with our project in the in the beginning or end of the video. This is a dubstep remix from my favorite show The Office. It is a little different than the original version, and it be good for our project especially because there are no words in the song, so our audience won’t be distracted by it. The song also sounds positive and it is important that we have our audience to be positive about going to Career Services and trying the virtual reality mock interviews.

I found this video on Youtube that explains tips for doing a Skype interview. Although it is a little different from what we are doing in showing people how to use the virtual reality mock interview program through Career Services at Rutgers, I think this video gives you tips in how to prepare for any interview that is online. I found this video really useful and relatable in what we are trying to show in our own video. It gives tips into how a Skype interview might work and also to what types of questions that the interviewer may ask online. This can be the same as the person who is doing the virtual reality mock interview. It gives pretty much the same kinds of tips that we will give in our video.



When creating our storyboard, my groups creative process was very difficult. We were all in different locations, which made collaboration much more difficult. It was much harder because we weren’t able to discuss what exactly we wanted to include in person and how we wanted to go about creating this storyboard. There were several edits that we made when editing the Google Slides doc that our storyboard is created on. This is because we all had different ideas and opinions about what should be included in the video. We all included the different shots and camera angles that we should use to include in the video. In addition, we had to establish the location for where we will be filming the different scenes. We also included some notes about what we might say for each scene under some of the slides for the storyboard.

Lessi (2012) mentions in the Social Media Reader, that the internet has been a place where there has been a lot of copyrighting. Since this will be a very creative project, I don’t think that my group will really have to worry about copyrighting however we should keep in mind about where we get our materials from.

Top 5 Midterm Blogs


Right after visiting this blog, the collage of all of the late night shows immediately drew me in. I am a big fan of late night talk shows and I watch a lot of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, so this appealed to me greatly. I really thought this was an incredibly unique idea for a blog. The trailer for this that he created was very entertaining as well and I got a few laughs out of it. The gifs are funny as well. This is a great blog to go to for recaps on the different Late Night shows.


This blog has a great a header and title page. Again the header really drew my attention and made me want to keep exploring this page. She talked about the concerts that she has been to and gave a review on them, discussing what she liked and what she didn’t like. Also, the video was really cool and interesting to watch. I learned a lot about the different bands and what to expect at those concerts and about what makes each of these bands different.


I liked this blog because it was very useful to me, especially since I just created a LinkedIn page and will be applying to jobs soon. The video was very easy to follow and it really taught me a lot about how to use LinkedIn and also how to make my profile better. This was very helpful to me. Also, I liked how she incorporated a professional Instagram that she manages in her profile and talks about new media.


As someone who watches a ton of television, I found this blog to be very useful to me. The header captured my attention, and this blog was very easy to navigate. I actually haven’t seen any of the shows that she mentioned in the blog, however after reading her descriptions on some of the shows, I may just have to tune into it. I liked how she mentioned a show followed it by telling viewers the season and putting a picture below it, followed by a brief description about that episode.


This blog was very insightful about some places to travel. Travel blogs are always helpful and what I liked the most was that she gave different tips for each of the places about where to go and what to eat. The video was also really cool and it really made me want to go travel right now it looked like so much fun. The video was also edited really well and it was cool to see some of your own personal clips on it.

Midterm Project Analysis

My experience with the midterm project was overall pretty good. I liked how we were able to pick a topic that is of great interest to us. That made it more enjoyable to work on this project. I chose to do my blog on the Giants. I am a huge Giants football fan and I am very passionate about the team, so it made working on this blog fun. I also chose this topic because I felt that this could help me for a future professional career. My hope one day is to ultimately work for a professional sports team in the communications department. The blog overall was easier to create a second time around because we learned how to do it previously. The video editing was a little more difficult and it was more time consuming, but it was also a little easier to do because I had done that before. Originally, I had a lot of Giants clips and a lot of players in my video, but I had to cut a lot of it out for it to fit between the time limit. I really take great pride in my header. I like the way that came out and I was able to display my creative side my creating a header in Pixlr. I feel that people can really go to my blog to get updates on the Giants.

Personally, I am a big fan of group projects. It allows for more creativity and brainstorming to come up with the best idea. Group projects involve a lot of collaboration, which is essential. The Google Docs that we have will help with collaboration. In the Social Media Reader, Hyde says that many people will have all different kinds of skills in a group. He suggests that one person may be able to add something a little differently than the next person because they have different skills. Although, I am a big fan of group projects sometimes it can go bad. In one of my Special Topics for Human Resource Management class last year, there was a member of my group who did not do his fair share of the project. He did not contribute or show up to any of the group meetings and didn’t write his designated section for the group project. When it came to the final presentation, he did not even show up and we had to prepare to give the presentation without him. As a result, each person in my group ended up doing way more work than we should have all because this one group member didn’t contribute at all.