When creating our storyboard, my groups creative process was very difficult. We were all in different locations, which made collaboration much more difficult. It was much harder because we weren’t able to discuss what exactly we wanted to include in person and how we wanted to go about creating this storyboard. There were several edits that we made when editing the Google Slides doc that our storyboard is created on. This is because we all had different ideas and opinions about what should be included in the video. We all included the different shots and camera angles that we should use to include in the video. In addition, we had to establish the location for where we will be filming the different scenes. We also included some notes about what we might say for each scene under some of the slides for the storyboard.

Lessi (2012) mentions in the Social Media Reader, that the internet has been a place where there has been a lot of copyrighting. Since this will be a very creative project, I don’t think that my group will really have to worry about copyrighting however we should keep in mind about where we get our materials from.