Thinking Critically About the Web

The internet has changed the way we consume media greatly. Technology is all around us, whether it is through our computers, laptops, or smartphones, we are constantly consuming media information. Also, with different kinds of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people can obtain even more information and also have the ability to share more information to others.

Jenkinson talks about the balance of power between the fans and product owners. He says that the product owners know how important fan fiction is to a movie or any media platform. Product owners of a movie may know that there brand is huge. And, as a result many fans out there will remake clips or videos, or take some of the sounds and incorporate it into their own work. An example of this is Star Wars because it is a huge brand and it has a strong following. Many people are avid fans of the series and it has caused many new clips of Star Wars and the different characters. This is just another example of fans using their power in creating new ideas based off of movies from product owners.

Fan culture has changed a lot in the last three to four years because any type of movie or song has almost tried to be recreated. For example, if there is a really popular song that everybody likes, most likely somebody has created a remix from that song. Or if there is a popular movie, a person out there has tried to create a sequel or their own little video based off of that movie. Again with Star Wars and other movies, there are more action figures and video games based off the movie.

The fans are the most important aspect to any movie or following. Ultimately, they are the one buying the tickets to see these movies, to listen to these songs. They are very instrumental in supporting their favorite media, movies, and songs. At the end of the day, the product owners understand that the fans are an integral part in helping their brand become successful.


One thought on “Thinking Critically About the Web

  1. Hey Seth! I completely agree with what you have to say about social media changing the landscape of media fans. Now fans of a particular TV show or Movie can make accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook “like” pages, etc. fully dedicated to that show or movie. I have even heard people discuss being part of a “fandom” which is the community of fans, that discuss certain characters and plot lines. Whereas back in the day Star Wars came out, there was no room for this. Instead, the way fans expressed themselves was, like you said, buying action figures, leggo sets, or video games. You knew someone was a Star Wars fans by their memorbilia or Halloween costume, now, fans can spend hours upon hours dedicating themselves to the movie online. In some sense, I would argue that fan culture has dramatically increased in the past three or four years, almost to an unhealthy level if you don’t balance your life right.


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