My groups creative process so far has been very good. We tried to be creative in how we were going to film our video. We used different camera angles and took multiple takes of different shots and angles. Now we can take from the different shots that we took and incorporate it into our video.

One big milestone for our group that we accomplished was being able to act in our video. None of us are actors and we were all camera shy at first. The first time we filmed, we all started laughing and couldn’t get our script right. Once we all settled down and met up again to film we all got more comfortable acting. Another milestone for my group was being able to identify what we wanted to show in our video. We decided to do the virtual reality mock interview, so we thought it would be a good idea to show me being nervous about going on the interview and then me as I am getting an interview, and we also decided to use a screencast.

The biggest hurdles that my group faced was acting even though we were ultimately able to accomplish that. We all kept laughing at first because we were nervous and we didn’t really have a good script. However, after we met up again we were able to act without laughing the entire time. Another hurdle was the audio in the background was being picked up. To get passed that we had to reserve a nice quiet room at the library, so the audio wouldn’t pick up background noises.

We used Screencast-O-Matic in our video to show the clicks that I take to get to the Career Services virtual reality mock interview page and how I go about signing in with my school ID. Also, we incorporated editing in iMovie where we pieced together our different edits and camera angles. Lastly, we decided to include some audio in our presentation.


One thought on “Post-Production

  1. I’m really impressed by how we were able to overcome our first camera shyness. You guys dd really well with developing and portraying the types of emotions we want our audience to feel as they watch our video. Also, the Screencast-O-matic is a prettyy sweet function. I hope the audience enjoys our implementation of it.


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