Creative Direction

My group is still finalizing the creative direction that we will take in this project. However, I think we have a general idea about the direction that we want to go in. We are leaning towards the Virtual Reality Mock Interviews theme because this is such an important topic that relates to all students who are trying to get a job or internship. In order to obtain any job, a person must go through an interview. The interview is one of the first steps for an employer to actually get to know who you are and that is where you can learn more about the company.

The concept of the Virtual Reality Mock Interviews that Rutgers Career Services provides is to help students practice answering sample interview questions, virtually. Students will get the chance to practice going on interviews virtually and the service will provide feedback and students will also have the chance to learn by watching themselves of what was recorded.

As a group we are still deciding on how we should go about making this video, but we think it may be a good idea to record someone actually using this virtual mock interview and showing the steps to how they can do this. We want to show people how simple and easy this actually is to do. Also, we talked about filming our footage from both an iPhone and maybe even a laptop to get different camera angles. My group will talk more about the creative direction once we finish our storyboard and it will help to get more ideas.


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