E-portfolio Editing using iMovie

This project was way harder than I thought. It turned into a disaster and it took forever for me to do. I had trouble learning how to use iMovie and I actually found this project to be more difficult than the GarageBand one. It was hard to edit my screencast because I didn’t want to cut out what I was saying. Adding the titles and credits was easy and I was able to zoom in and out pretty smoothly as well. But overall, I found this project to be quite difficult especially since I had no prior background experience using iMovie and Screencast-O-Matic.

Video games can convey meaning in many ways. I think video games can be a form artistic expression. They are very creative and people who are making them often times use there imagination and create new ways where the users will have fun playing them. Video games are all about trying to engage the user to have fun and enjoy playing these games. Also, many of these video games today seem so real and it feels like you’re actually experiencing the game live. For example, in Call of Duty the background makes it seem like you’re actually on the battleground. Another example, is that in other video games people can create a person to what they hope to be and they can also feel as if they were part of a team. I play the NBA2K games a lot and often times I will create my own player and make him look like me and also make him really good. I will then form my own team and play games. This gives me a form of self-expression where I can create anything that I want. This gives me a fun experience to have fun with the game.


One thought on “E-portfolio Editing using iMovie

  1. I wasn’t able to edit video during this portion of the class because my computer was experiencing some technical difficulties; however your blog and video editing put a nice idea in my head to create something for my own interest. Thanks!


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